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Join the Parade!
​Everyone is welcome to walk with the parade. Just wait for the parade to pass by, then join in at the end!

If you'd like to coordinate with us or get advice or assistance on a lantern project for the walk, email us at We're especially interested in groups of people who would like to make sets of simple, themed lanterns.

If you'd like to join us building lanterns, or if you'd like to carry our lanterns in the parade, we'd love to have you! We'll be running workshops throughout October to make stuff. It's fun! We may also have projects that you can work on at home. Email us at

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We do have some guidelines for the parade that we'd like people to follow:

  • Things should be lit from the inside. They should not be lit by lights shining from outside. Nothing should be SUPER-BRIGHT!

  • Don't make loud noise. (unless you want to be a musical part of the walk! in which case get in touch with us!)

  • We do not like to include messages or political statements in the walk. The walk is intended to be welcoming to everyone and to be focused on light, joy, beauty, and our community.

That said, we are flexible and would be glad to talk over any questions you have about the guidelines!​

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