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Making Lanterns!

The internet has plenty of fun ideas for making lanterns. We've collected some of our favorites here!

String Lamp 030.jpg
Lantern Kits!

Well, we're not actually selling lantern kits this year, but here are links to buy the materials for them. There are video instructions here.

By all means, feel free to buy this stuff somewhere other than Amazon!

Round paper lanterns:

These are available in lots of sizes. 10-inch are good for little kids; 12-inch are good for big kids or unambitious adults; 14-inch take more time and might be too big for kids to carry but look spectacular! 

Tea lights for lanterns:

Tissue paper (any will work)   


You'll also need:

- a bunch of white glue

- cheap paintbrushes (around 2" wide is good)

- pipe cleaners (or something...) for handles

- some kind of card or square of cardboard for the light to sit on. Glue or tape the light to the square.

If you want to get fancy, put a dab of white paint or a bit of masking tape at the  top of the LED to spread the light more evenly around the lantern.

Oak Leaf Lantern small.png
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